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Personal Training

IaquintaMMA Fitness Coaching / Mixed Martial Arts / Wrestling / Muay Thai

Al Iaquinta specializes in privately/semi-privately coaching men, women and children. Whether you're looking to compete or simply looking to improve physical conditioning, contact Al and get started today!

V.I.P Personal Training

Al Iaquinta specializes in training V.I.P. Clients. These are Men, Women and Children who have no desire to fight, However they do desire the results that training like a pro fighter can offer!

As a V.I.P. Client you will have access to...

Fighter Training

Fighter Training is for amateur and pro fighters who want gain an edge over their opponents. Al has spent many years in numerous gyms. Working with a lot of different trainers and picking up a lot of techniques along the way. Let Al pass down some of his knowledge. Al has helped to prepare everyone from first time amateurs, to UFC fighters of the highest level.

In July 2010, Al became the first American to be flown to Moscow, Russia by the Russian Muay Thai Association. For over a month he trained Professional Fighter Ivan Busarov (Russian Muay Thai Champion) along with other Russian fighters and business men.

Sports Specific / Kids Training

Let you or your child have the best opportunity in their Athletic Career. Mixed Martial Arts and the conditioning that goes along with it, makes it one of the most physically demanding sports. Whatever sport your child decides to pursue he/she will benefit tremendously from intensive personal training.

With Sports Specific Training you will have access to...
-Core movements and exercises that specifically transfer over to your sport
-Mental Training- Mentality is such a huge part of sports today. If you can overcome your breaking point and keep pushing through Al's Workout you will have a huge advantage over your opponents.

NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, You'll sweat and work like never before, all under the ever-present and constant watch of Al Iaquinta. Not only will you learn to live healthy, but you'll lose substantial weight and improve your overall health. All this will be completed while having fun and learning martial arts.

Various locations in Nassau County, NY

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